Get an AI nutrition coach for your gym chain

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We offer a white-label solution with your branding

The integration is fully customized per each client and includes translation in the local language, rebranding, customization of the AI and API access to customer data if available.


Log meals through photo, barcode or text and get breakdown of calorie and protein, carbs, fats, sugar & fiber.

Ask for recipes & meal plans - this can be personalized with your plans or recipes.

Log workouts and ask for workout suggestions - this can be personalized with your workout library

Get 3D body scans & body fat percentage from photos (experimental)

Ready to differentiate?

Your personal AI in 2 weeks

At Rex, we ship fast. We work with you to make sure you can test the market ASAP. 

Retain your customers

Increase retention and engage your customers when they are out of the gym to have them coming back.

Looking for our nutrition API?

Contact us to learn about API plans and how you can integrate with our vision API for food recognition, and our text API for food item extraction.

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