Tired of manually selecting what you ate on MyFitnessPal?

So were we. Log your food directly on WhatsApp as if you're texting a friend. No need to manually select everything you ate from a food database. Let us handle that, just enjoy your meal.

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Kaan Armagan

I'm switching from MyFitnessPal to Rex for 2 reasons:

1) It's just way easier to track calories. I'm much more consistent about tracking my calories with Rex - the reminders pop directly into my WhatsApp DMs.

2) I love being able to interact with my data in the chat. The suggestions are really actionable and useful.

Siyanna Lilova

What I love most about Rex is that the product is evolving every week, and the founders really take the user feedback to heart.

They are still polishing some features, but the overall experience has been great so far. I'm not going to be missing MyFitnessPal any time soon.

Use the nutrition app that makes it easy.

Tracking nutrition with MyFitnessPal means that you have to weigh and log everything manually one by one. All. The. Time.

Rex is here to change that. With Rex, it's super easy to log your meals directly from your DMs in WhatsApp. Just snap a photo or send a text and you're good to go - your food will be logged and you don't have to worry or waste time thinking about it. And if you forget: Rex sends you a message to remind you at your meal times.

The more data you put into Rex, the better it learns about your eating habits and better the advice it gives.

IBS flare-up? It's probably the coffee you had an hour ago. Putting on weight? Rex can scan your body using computer vision and provide you with a nutrition plan including foods you like and taking into account your dietary preferences.

Looking for other features? All paid subscribers have access to the founders on WhatsApp and we make sure to listen to our customers! If you need a something, we'll add it.

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