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Experience personalized health transformation with our AI calorie tracker and nutrition coach, tailored to your unique goals whether it's living healthier, shedding pounds, or gaining muscle.



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The easiest way to track calories

Send Rex a photo of your meal or just text what you ate to log it. It feels like texting a friend.

Get workout suggestions

Not sure how to workout today? Just ask Rex and get a tailored workout recommendation.

Get daily reports and feedback

Check your daily report with personalized feedback and tips on your diet and lifestyle.

Scan your body with AI.

BMI is not accurate for our diverse bodies that can take all shapes and sizes. This is why we introduced our AI body scanner. Through body scanning, you can gain valuable insights into your body's metrics, enabling informed decisions about fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Join tens of thousands on a quest for better health.

Living longer is a science, and we're here to help you improve daily.

I lost >10kg

I used Rex to track my calories and get back in shape. I've since lost more than 10kg. The experience is great and I highly recommend trying them out.

~ Kaan Armagan

The calorie logging is 🔥

The calorie logging feature on Rex is great. I'm never going back to MyFitnessPal.

~ Omar Ali

I can finally track my own workouts

I've been looking for something I could just tell "I did 3 sets of 40 pushups" and it would just track it for me. The benefit of having my workouts and meals in the same convo on my phone is great. I also love the automated daily reports.

~Daniel Susviela

It really feels like a personal coach

I've struggled with accountability my whole life. It's been hard to stick to a meal plan or a workout app. The fact that Rex texts me daily gives me the push I need. I text it all the time, even when I haven't worked out. Knowing that I will see what I ate in the report card at the end of the day keeps me from binge eating like I used to.

~George Harris

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